In 1994, Van G. Miller helped two aspiring businessmen and friends, D.Jay Ellis and Kent Dierks, launch a business that was then called VGM Golf. The company focused on providing pro shops discounted purchasing opportunities by executing collective bargaining agreements with golf related companies. For a nominal annual fee, a club could become a member of VGM. During these early years, participation from clubs around the country grew and D.Jay and Kent realized there were other areas the company could help country clubs and golf courses.

VGM Golf became VGM Club in 2001 to reflect the addition of agronomy, clubhouse and food & beverage programs for its membership. The expanded program offering has helped grow the total number of participating clubs to well over 3,500 nationwide. The core objective of VGM Club is to be the most trusted service provider in the club industry. To accomplish this goal, the VGM Team has grown and the company has invested heavily in industry-leading technologies. VGM Club has taken the relationship with members one step further. Providing data and technology to the members we have served gives those members an upper hand when looking for purchasing solutions.

VGM Club has also made several strategic moves throughout the years that have benefited participating clubs. In 2007, VGM Club started VGM Resorts & Gaming. In 2010, VGM Club acquired a company with a focus on the restaurant industry and named it VGM Client Rewards. Each of these moves has increased the volume of purchases, thus allowing VGM Club to negotiate stronger programs with national and regional manufacturer companies.

VGM Club
1111 W. San Marnan Dr.
Waterloo, IA 50701