Question: What is the attire for the Conference?

Answer: Business casual or chef coats are appropriate for the meeting sessions. To ensure your comfort, consider dressing in layers to adjust for temperature changes, if necessary.


Question: How do I submit special dietary requests?

Answer: Please indicate any special dietary needs during the registration process when prompted.


Question: Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

Answer: Yes, confirmation will be sent to you automatically via email once your registration is submitted.


Question: What if I have to make a change in my registration?


To modify your registration:

  • Enter registration page
  • Enter email and confirmation number
  • Make changes as needed
  • Do not forget to click “Submit” to save changes

Note: All hotel reservation changes must go through the Registration Team at events@wtwhmedia.com. Please do not directly contact the hotel.


Question: May I bring a guest with me?

Answer: Yes, you may bring a guest. You will be on your own for any extra hotel accommodations for your guest. When you register, you have the options to add a guest and pay for the meals that they plan on attending.