It began in 1857 in San Francisco, during the Gold Rush Era. Founder Wilfred Weed (W.W.) Montague started his business in a small way, selling pots, pans and general hardware items. He was known as an inventor and had a reputation for uncompromising quality.

Gradually, he began manufacturing “French” ranges, a combination of brick with steel ovens and tops, which evolved into the present line of ranges. In 1902, the original “Locke and Montague” was succeeded by a corporation and by 1910, the company known as W.W. Montague Company, Inc., was acknowledged as “The Leading Stovehouse on the Pacific Coast,” as noted in Hammonds Handy Atlas of the World. In 1918, W.W. Montague Company was succeeded by Montague Range and Furnace Company, Ltd.

Early in the 1920s, Joseph M. Whalen was employed, starting out as a sheet-metal mechanic; he was later made foreman. He acquired the company name and equipment in 1932, after the concern encountered financial difficulties in the Depression era. In 1936, the company operations were split, with partner Roy Shae taking on the furnace side of the business. Joseph Whalen retained the range business and moved to Mission Street in San Francisco, where he began operating under the company’s current name of The Montague Company.

Today, as a family-owned, family-operated business, The Montague Company continues the proud tradition of using skilled techniques and fine craftsmanship, acquired by over 140 years of specialized manufacturing experience, to bring you the highest-quality commercial cooking equipment. We offer the LEGEND series of heavy-duty ranges, counter equipment, fryers, broilers, gourmet pizza ovens, Chinese ranges and EXCALIBUR custom island suites; the TECHNOSTAR line of high-quality restaurant-series ranges and accompanying equipment, and the VECTAIRE high-volume convection ovens. Being an independent family business allows us to take a more personal approach to providing customized solutions for your cooking requirements. A more recent emphasis on expanding the portfolio of refrigeration products, such as refrigerated/frozen chef bases, pizza and sandwich prep tables, drop-in pan chillers, and a widening variety of integrated hot/cold cooking stations, further expands the overall product types offered by The Montague Company into the future.

The Montague Company
1830 Stearman Avenue
Hayward, Calif.