Adding brand value to your “grab and go” products.

Planglow USA’s range of branded eco-food packaging, containers, sandwich bags and cups serve “grab and go” markets. Along with unique labels and proprietary labeling software, including “LabelLogic” and “NutriLogic,” clients can personalize their branded product identity.

Our popular Natural and Gastro collections provide contemporary designs with endless possible configurations. From labels to packaging, Planglow USA products will build your environmental credentials and enhance your brand image.

Founded in the UK, Planglow has been supporting foodservice operators around the globe for more than 25 years. Our commitment is to the improvement of product presentation through brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Planglow USA is proud to be a sponsor of the Chef to Chef Conference—our dedicated sales force and customer development team are available to advise on the best products and services for your club and resort requirements.

Planglow USA
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