Boneless Wings Take Flight

Spicy chicken wings have taken off as an iconic American food since their debut at the Anchor Bar Restaurant in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1964. They reached a new milestone during Super Bowl 51 weekend in February, when more than 1.3 billion wings were consumed, according to the National Chicken Council.

The emergence of boneless wings—breaded, boneless chunks of chicken breast with zesty flavors like Pierce Chicken® Boneless Wing Dings® or Wing Zings®—has made a good thing even better. In fact, research shows that boneless wings complement traditional bone-in wings, boosting the entire wing category. Actually, more than half of consumers in a recent online survey by Pierce Chicken said they prefer boneless chicken wings over bone-in wings.

The other great benefit to Pierce Boneless Wing Dings is their convenience. They come fully cooked, can be fried or baked, are great for grab-and-go, and deliver the famous Wing Ding flavor profile that’s been around for over 50 years. Plus with boneless wings, you can give customers a variety of options for sauces that can be bold and new, traditional or regional, and that can be used for added flavor.

About Pierce Chicken

Since the 1950s, Pierce Chicken has been driven by its passion to offer absolutely the best-tasting, highest-quality chicken available in foodservice. Customers—then and now—know Pierce Chicken for its superior flavor and product consistency. But the Company isn’t resting on its laurels; innovation is in its blood. Pierce Chicken is always working to be first to market with the next great taste in chicken. Pierce Chicken wants to earn your business with great chicken, great value and a great fit for your menu. If you’re ready for a roll-up-the-sleeves partner that’s as essential to your business as chicken is to your menu, Pierce Chicken welcomes your call.

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