Sponsor Sessions

At the 2020 Chef to Chef Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from top food-and-beverage and club industry suppliers as they share operating insights and showcase their products and services through special educational sessions that will be offered before the Conference officially begins on Sunday, March 1st. These sessions are offered at no additional cost—they are covered in full by Conference registration.

Session 1

Navigating the Changing Seas

Join Exec Chef Tory McPhail of Commander’s Palace and SoBou here in NOLA and his Chef d Cuisine Chris Lynch, Steve Redzikowski, Chef/owner of Oak on 14th in Boulder and Acorn at the Source in Denver, Exec Chef Robert Meitzer of the Windsor Club in Vero Beach Fl and formerly of Mountaintop Golf and CC in Cashiers NC and Peter Jarvis, owner/founder of Triar Seafood Co in Hollywood Florida as we discuss the ongoing challenges that Chefs face sourcing responsibly harvested, domestic seafood. Topics will include wild, vs. farmed, the challenges facing domestic aquaculture, how federal rules and regulations are affecting sourcing and allocations for the commercial seafood industry, the effects of global warming as it relates to seafood production, imports vs. domestic, recreational fisheries vs. the commercial seafood industry and what seasonally inspired seafood trends can benefit your members.

Employee Engagement Tools: “Minding the Gap” and the “Stay Interview”

The top complaints we hear from culinarians at clubs across the country are that they can’t get employees to show up for their first day of work (or even their first interview!) and that turnover rates are too high. This interactive session introduces two useful concepts to help promote employee engagement before they start their new job and once they are hired.

The Club Chef Society: The organization for chefs, run by chefs

Presenters: Tom Birmingham, CEC, Executive Director of Club Chef Society and Matt Hinkle, CEC, AAC, ACE, Exmoor Country Club

Join in conversation with Tom Birmingham and Matt Hinkle as they share the great news about a newly formed opportunity made especially for club culinarians.

Come listen to how a local Chicago clubchef group spawned the idea of creating a nationwide organization made specifically for club executive chefs, sous, and pastry chefs. Learn more about what was featured in Club & Resort BusinessMagazine’s June publication last year and how club chef’s coming together can reap benefits for your success in the marketplace.

Learn how the organization can help you with educational benefits, professional growth, networking & competition opportunities, and even financial assistance. For more details on this session, feel free to reach out to Tom Birmingham at tom@clubchefsociety.org.

We look forward to talking with you in New Orleans!

Session 2

Harnessing the Power of Technology to Streamline Dining Operations and Enhance Guest / Member Experience

Presenters: Imran Balki – Chief Technology Officer & Brian Hall – Director of Sales, Northstar Technologies

In this interactive session you can experience how the Kitchen Display and Hand-Held Mini Tablet POS systems enable dining room staff and management to accurately measure service levels and intuitively anticipate their guests’ needs. You will discover how technology can help reduce service time by 4-8 mins / order, increase speed and accuracy of orders, provide personalized member service, keep the dining room “out of the weeds” with view of kitchen load and give you analytical tools to make better decisions.

Much more than a simple transactional platform, today’s systems are truly an amenity for Guests and Members. Smartphone Applications and Kiosks allow input for reservations and orders from virtually anywhere and can help transform your dining operations.

Spiceology Foodservice

Spiceology is the fastest growing spice company and it’s for 3 simple reasons. We grind fresh, pack fresh, and ship fresh. Spiceology was started and continues to be operated by a group of professional chefs who were tired of paying for overpriced old spices that weren’t getting the job done in the kitchen. We wanted to disrupt the spice industry by delivering a product to our colleagues—you—that made a difference not only in our plates but the kitchen, too.

Our Periodic Table of Flavor is changing the look of the spice rack in a chef’s kitchen.

Aside from the spices themselves, we have changed the game by offering a loyalty program. Come listen to more of Spiceology’s story and how we started. Learn how you can become thrt of our Spice Tribe.

The UDC “Plug-N-Play” Island Suite

“Island cooking suites have grown in popularity in the U.S since the concept was initially brought over by European chefs several decades ago. Benefits such as expanded communication between the culinary team, more reliable energy distribution across a large span of equipment and an aesthetically pleasing look offer chefs the opportunity to provide a truly front-of-the-house “theatre of cooking” experience to their patrons.

Interestingly, island suites have become, in the world of fast paced change, a victim of their own success. Modern foodservice business needs now emphasize design aspects that center around continual change and flexibility – whether hyper-focused on daypart differences OR seasonal changes OR even longer term changes such as a change in concept all the way to staff changes!

Montague is proud to announce the creation of the new UDC “Plug-N-Play” Island Suite concept that maintains the structural look and feel of a traditional island suite and now offers the additional benefits of flexibility and interchangeability of varying pieces of equipment without the need of a major overhaul or remodel project.

Come see how Montague can enhance your business with the most cutting edge kitchen design product line in the industry.”

Tips for creating authentic, artisanal Italian gelato and traditional American ice cream

Presenter: Chef Jason Sturdivant

Engage in captivating tips and techniques on the art of creating authentic, artisanal Italian gelato and traditional American ice cream that will appeal to a variety of palates. Explore innovation in pairing a variety of flavors and textures that create unique sensorial experiences in an easy-to-use machine that is convenient and effective in any space.

Join PreGel as we demonstrate using superior quality ingredients to create new trends in flavor innovation and plating techniques.