2nd Annual Triar Seafood Symposium

Chef James Allen of Blackthorn Club at the Ridges….James Hudock, Exec Chef, Gibson Island (Md) Club…..David Pinckney, Exec Chef, Cherokee Country Club (TN) and Bryant Withers, Exec Chef, Highlands Country Club (NC) as we discuss various seafood scenarios that Club Chefs face today. Topics include – affects of coronavirus relative to Asian imported seafood, the largest source of inexpensive frozen seafood….rising ocean temperatures and how that affects domestic habitats and fisheries…Federal regulations (Magnuson Stevens Fisheries Act) and how it relates to domestic allocations and commercial production….Recreational vs commercial – who gets the fish?….new ideas, new species that Club Chefs are introducing to their members…present challenges that Club Chefs face regarding seafood purchases – lack of variety, customer service, consistency…..

James Allen, CEC
Executive Chef | Blackthorn Club at The Ridges

James Paul Hudock, CSW
Executive Chef | Gibson Island Club

David Pinckney
Exec Chef | Cherokee Country Club

Bryant Withers
Exec Chef | Highlands Country Club