Club Chefs face new challenges every day—from labor shortages and changing member expectations to new cooking techniques and better sourcing strategies. The Chef to Chef Conference is the only event that brings together club chefs from around the country to discuss effective ways to overcome these challenges and more.

On the heels of the 2018 Chef to Chef Conference in Seattle, Jerry Schreck, Executive Chef of Merion Golf Club and National Program Coordinator for the Chef to Chef Conference, shared insights into the value of the annual Chef to Chef Conference. Since then, the 2019 Chef to Chef Conference has exploded with plenty of exciting additions to the agenda and speaker lineup as well as a new, exclusive Monday night pop-up event at the Pythian Market, a popular food hall that uniquely captures the Big Easy’s special flavors.

Watch below to hear Schreck describe all that you’ll get from attending Chef to Chef—and then register right away, because space is going fast!