Micheal Armes

Micheal Armes

Executive Chef

Micheal Armes, Executive Chef of Hound Ears Club in Boone, N.C. continuously surprises members, guests, and fellow employees with his brilliant and revolutionary style of culinary work. Equipped with a highly trained staff, Chef Micheal ushers a unique style of food for members and guests. While Chef Micheal is specifically fond of a smaller more progressive plate, he possesses a wide scope of abilities in the kitchen.

One of the inventive ways that Chef enriches the member and guest experience is through incorporating local food into his creations. By providing members and guests with local food, a fresh and delicious taste is formed. Members and guests look forward to dining in at Hound Ears because of all the imaginative dishes Chef Michael forges.

His dedication and love for serving Hound Ears Club is evident in his actions. Chef enjoys hosting member cooking classes. This helps engage members in the exceptional culinary process and provides a special learning opportunity. The feedback gathered from these member culinary classes are remarkable.